Wood Bar

Wood Bar

Wood is a resource that is collected when the Pioneer cuts down Trees or collects the Sawmill Daily Bonus. Wood is used for buying and constructing Buildings on your Homestead, along with other decorations. It is possible to get up to Wood-icon 75 Wood from a Mystery Gift.

Building Requirements Edit

The chart below represents the amount of Wood needed to purchase and complete the foundation/framework for each Building.

Name Building Wood Needed
Cabin Cabin-icon Wood-icon 46 Wood
General Store General Store-icon Wood-icon 79 Wood
Barn Barn-icon Wood-icon 92 Wood
Schoolhouse School House-icon Wood-icon 172 Wood
Inn Inn-icon Wood-icon 226 Wood
Chicken Coop Chicken Coop-icon Wood-icon 294 Wood
Sawmill Sawmill-icon Wood-icon 440 Wood
Land Office Land Office-icon Wood-icon 120 Wood
Storage Shed Storage Shed-icon Wood-icon 130 Wood
Foundry Foundry-icon Wood-icon 300 Wood
Toll Booth Toll Booth-icon Wood-icon 75 Wood
Tailor Shop Tailor Shop-icon Wood-icon 64 Wood
Trading Post Trading Post-icon Wood-icon 65 Wood
Barber Shop Barber Shop-icon Wood-icon 81 Wood
Chapel Chapel-icon Wood-icon 145 Wood
Pony Express Pony Express-icon Wood-icon 72 Wood
Doctor's Office Doctor's Office-icon Wood-icon 100 Wood
Flower Shop Flower Shop-icon Wood-icon 162 Wood
Blacksmith Blacksmith-icon Wood-icon 340 Wood

Hints Edit

  • Leaving some trees in your Homestead allows more trees to grow and therefore more Wood to harvest.

News Feed Edit

Wood can also be obtained as a bonus from a variety of items listed in the Facebook News Feed related to FrontierVille.

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