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Scare / Clobber3 times
LocationClearing Debris

Snakes are Varmints which appear when clearing Debris. It must be clobbered 3 times. Snakes can be killed by using the Snake Cannon, providing that there's a Powder Keg in the inventory. Clobbering or killing Snakes yield the chance to find an item from the Snake Collection along with XP, Coins, and Food.

Statistics Edit

Action Food Coins XP
Clobbering Food-icon 1 Food Coins-icon 10 Coins XP-icon 2 XP
Final clobber Food-icon 5 Food Coins-icon 50 Coins XP-icon 5 XP
Cannon Shot Food-icon 10 Food Coins-icon 100 Coins XP-icon 10 XP

Collection Edit

The Snake Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by clobbering Snakes. The Venom Vial is a possible bonus gift from the Weather Forecast "Hot and Clear".

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Snake Skin-icon Snake Egg-icon Snake Rattler-icon Venom Vial-icon Snake Fangs-icon Food-icon Apple Tree-icon
Snake Skin Snake Egg Snake Rattler Venom Vial Snake Fangs Food-icon 40 Food Free Apple Tree

Share Edit

Share Clobber Snake Pioneer just clobbered a snake!

Another varmint bites the dust thanks to Pioneer! Now friends can "share the experience" too!

Share Clobber Snake 2
Share Snake Clobber Pioneer done knocked a snake right out!

Pioneer done knocked a snake right out! That snake won't be botherin' no one now that Pioneer has dealt with it! Even looks like Pioneer would love to share the experience with ya!

Goals Edit

See the Varmint page for more info.