The Homestead is the plot of land lived on in FrontierVille by the Pioneer and eventually his/her Spouse and Kid. This parcel of land is given to the Pioneer at the beginning of the game and is full of Debris. Clearing the Homestead will open up free space that allows the Pioneer to build some Buildings, care for Animals, plant Trees and Crops, and place Decorations.

The size of the Homestead starts at the 25x25 and currently can grow to 39x39 after completing many quests. If left unattended, cleared land will eventually repopulate with Debris and Trees. The Pioneer is free to customize the Homestead in whichever way s/he desires. All other players of the game have a Homestead of their own and the Pioneer may visit these Neighbor's Homesteads at any time and earn rewards by helping them.

Snow Edit

On November 28th, 2010, it became possible to replace the grass with snow.
Snowy Land-icon

Cinder Ground Edit

Cinder Grounds-icon
On January 23rd, 2014, it became possible to replace the grass with volcanic ground.

Once the Pioneer completes the Something's Rumblin'!, Part I of V, the Pioneer can purchase the Cinder Ground Tile from the market for Coins-icon 95 Coins to return to the volcanic ground.

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