The standard Day in FrontierVille is a full 24 hours. The Day is not based on the 23-hour clock that exists in other Zynga games.

Each day at midnight GMT (equivalent to 8:00PM Eastern Daylight Time), the reward limit that can be claimed or sent on the News Feed is reset. On the News Feed, a maximum of 30 items can be claimed from Neighbors, and a maximum of 50 items can be sent to neighbors, during this 24-hour period.

Some actions, such as collecting bonuses on the Homestead, only reset 24 hours after they are performed by the Pioneer, regardless of the actual time of day.


Debris are part of the gameplay in FrontierVille and refers to grass, thorns, skulls and other items that can grow wild on your Homestead. Your Pioneer can clear out debris but they will grow back again. How long an area stays clear depends on the proximity to other items such as Buildings or Trees or other items.


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The Homestead is the plot of land lived on in FrontierVille by the Pioneer and eventually his/her Spouse and Kid. This parcel of land is given to the Pioneer at the beginning of the game and is full of Trees, Grass, Wildflowers, Cactus, Thorns, Rocks, and Skulls. Clearing the Homestead will open up free space that allows the Pioneer to build some Buildings, care for Animals or plant Trees. The size of the Homestead when it's started at the beginning of the game is able to be upgraded through quests starting in August 11th, 2010. The Pioneer is free to customize the Homestead however seen fit. All other players of the game have a Homestead of their own and the Pioneer may visit these Neighbor's Homesteads at any time and earn rewards by helping them.


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Varmint is the word FrontierVille uses to describe animals that suddenly appear on your Homestead while Clearing land, chopping Trees, or harvesting Crops. The Varmints currently in the game are Bears, Foxes, Snakes, Groundhogs and Coyotes . Snakes are found while clearing the land, groundhogs are found while harvesting crops, and bears are found while chopping trees, foxes while feeding Chickens or geese, and Coyotes whilst feeding Chickens and possibly geese. The small varmints such as the snake and the groundhog can be "clobbered" and the bigger varmints such as the Bear must be scared away. Whilst missions require you to 'clobber', they require that you completely 'clobber', so as to remove the animal from your land. Thus the missions require a complete 'clobber', ie removal, in order to achieve that mission goal.

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