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CostCoins-icon 225 Coins
Harvest forCoins-icon 351 Coins
Food providedFood-icon 3 Food
Growing time12 hours
XP gainedXP-icon 8 XP
Groundhog Attack3%

Corn is one of the crops available in FrontierVille. It can be purchased from the Market for Coins-icon 225 Coins . Corn starts to wither 1 days after being planted. They can be moved, but not rotated. Purchasing Corn requires that a Pioneer be at least Level 6.


Planting a Corn patch uses no Energy and gives XP-icon 1 XP . It takes 12 hours to ripen and will wither after a further 12 hours. Harvesting uses Energy-icon 1 Energy and gives XP-icon 8 XP , Coins-icon 351 Coins , and Food-icon 3 Food . There is a chance of finding an item from the Corn Collection when harvesting Corn.

Growth Seed Seedling Green Fruit Withered***
Phases Corn seed Corn seedling Corn green Corn fruit Corn withered


To clear a withered patch of Corn it takes no Energy .


The Corn Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by watering or harvesting Corn.

Collectibles Reward
Cornbread-icon Corn Chowder-icon Corn Fritters-icon Grits-icon Popcorn-icon Goat-icon XP-icon
Cornbread Corn Chowder Corn Fritters Grits Popcorn Goat 25 XP


See the Crop page for more info.

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