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Scare / Clobber6 times
LocationLarge Lumber Trees

Bears are Varmints which appear when chopping down large Lumber Trees. It must be clobbered 6 times. Bears can be killed by using the Bear Cannon, providing that there's a Powder Keg in the inventory. Clobbering or killing Bears yield the chance to find an item from the Bear Collection along with XP, Coins, and Food.

Statistics Edit

Action Food Coins XP
Scaring Food-icon 2 Food Coins-icon 20 Coins XP-icon 2 XP
Final Scare Food-icon 3 Food Coins-icon 150 Coins XP-icon 10 XP
Cannon Shot Food-icon 9 Food Coins-icon 450 Coins XP-icon 30 XP
Tree Chance of Bear Appearing
Any Chop Final Chop
Pine Seedling 0% 0%
Sapling 0% 0%
Small 0% 0%
Medium 2% 5%
Large 3% 100%
Oak Seedling 0% 0%
Sapling 0% 0%
Small 0% 0%
Medium 2% 4%
Large 3% 100%

Collection Edit

The Bear Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by scaring off Bears or from the Daily Bonus from the Stuffed Bear. The Bear Tooth is a possible bonus from Weather Forecast "Hot and a Chance of Rain".

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Bear Skull-icon Bear Tooth-icon Bear Meat-icon Bear Pelt-icon Bear Claw-icon
Animal Ready Boost-icon

Animal ready boost

Bear Skull Bear Tooth Bear Meat Bear Pelt Bear Claw Animal ready boost

Share Edit

Share Scare Bear Pioneer just scared a bear clean away!

Another varmint bites the dust thanks to Pioneer! Now there's plenty of fame for one and all.

Share Scare Bear II-icon Yow! Pioneer done scared a bear away!

Them bears don't like it when you wave your arms 'n jump around, and Pioneer knew it! There's enough experience here for everyone!

Goals Edit

See the Varmint page for more info.